A guide to Zen Agile @ Product Focus


29th January 2020


2 min


Dale Jones

hedgehog lab Chief Commercial Officer‚ Aidan Dunphy‚ was invited by global product management skills and training company Product Focus to give his thoughts on how embracing failure and uncertainty is a key part of adopting a truly Agile development methodology. Here’s a snippet.

“Agile” is one of the most discussed #topics in tech. You might say that we’re in a ‘post-agile’ era‚ with it being de rigueur for software development.

However‚ just as much is written about the tendency of senior management to think it’s a magic trick; enabling teams to do more with less (faster) rather than something they themselves need to adopt.

Is agility a higher state attainable only by elite Silicon Valley outfits like Spotify‚ or is it something that any company can achieve?

Eager to set themselves apart from the crowd‚ certain members of product management royalty have started to pour scorn on Agile. They point out the prevalence of a dogmatic‚ cargo-cultish zeal for Scrum.

If being agile (note the lower-case “a”) really were a bad thing‚ then what would be the alternative? How about the Stolid framework‚ or the Denial method?

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