A New Chapter for hedgehog lab


23rd September 2020


4 min


Scott Batchelor

The past six months have seen us adapt to seismic shifts on a global scale. From our personal lives to entire business models‚ almost everything has had to adapt to a new reality.

Virtual over in-person. Digital over physical. eCommerce instead of in-store. 

As a business we have weathered our fair share of change‚ from surviving the post-2008 recession to the relentless introduction of new technologies‚ ideas and innovation over the past 10 years. 

Our industry doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We are moving forward into the post-pandemic world with a new visual identity and renewed‚ bold ambitions for our own business and our customers.

The Big Idea

In 2020 we were independently ranked as the 9th fastest growing technology company in the North. Not bad for a small digital agency forged in a university dorm room in Scarborough.

Over the past 10 years we have grown steadily to work with household brands on a global scale. While some of our achievements can be chalked down to a bit of luck along the way‚ the majority comes from our passion to build better business for our clients.

Yes‚ code‚ APIs and applications are the outcomes of our work‚ but what we really care about is the impact technology can have. Whether that’s improving business efficiency‚ creating tech for good or delivering better customer experiences. 

We have helped Warbutons embrace digital transformation‚ YourParkingSpace build a global business and helped some of the most exciting UK start-ups get off the ground.

We are ultimately here to ensure our customers grow and help them build better futures through digital solutions.

We believe our new identity reflects this forward-facing and unapologetic ambition.

Expanding Our Services

Alongside launching a bold new visual style for hedgehog lab‚ we are also expanding our client services to reflect how technology challenges have shifted for organisations over recent months:

Expanded Expertise Across Web‚ Mobile and Infrastructure

Software development has always been our core competency and as the development landscape evolves at ever greater pace‚ we need to ensure our clients can access the languages and frameworks that lead the way.

We have invested heavily in expanding our expertise in domains such as cross-platform app development‚ becoming one of the leading Flutter development teams in the UK where we now support businesses like Costa Coffee and Toolstation in their commitment to embrace a cutting edge technology stack. 

We also continue to provide industry-leading development expertise across the most popular development stacks and their underlying infrastructure requirements. 

As technology moves forward‚ our team is primed to help your business be at the forefront. 

Learn More about our products and services

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Digital Transformation

Far from being a buzzword‚ Digital Transformation has become non-negotiable as businesses explore how technology can help them evolve and adapt. We are able to offer services which cover the entire system development lifecycle‚ from service design to unlocking the power of data and analytics. 

Working with stakeholders across your organisation‚ our Digital Transformation consultants start with the problem‚ not the solution. This approach leads us to build technologies that have tangible business value‚ as opposed to building for the sake of it.

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Technology Consulting

Alongside designing and building software and applications‚ we act as a strategic advisor for organisations looking for technology advice and support from a trusted third-party.

Using our expertise and commitment to building the right solution‚ we guide organisations through their digital challenges‚ whether that’s rescuing failing technology projects‚ assisting with technical due diligence or developing new digital product strategies.

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hedgehog lab Ventures

With three successful exits under our belt and over 10 active investments in high-potential technology start-ups‚ our Ventures division is expanding in scope and ambition.

We typically provide our investment services on a sweat-equity basis‚ often acting as a bridge between the first round of funding and more significant raises.

With unparalleled expertise and a highly developed support network‚ we are looking to help fund the next generation of tech-led businesses and support the wider technology landscape through backing brilliant new ideas and winning teams. 

We are delighted to say that applications are now open and we can’t wait to hear from ambitious founders looking to get to the next level.

It’s Time to Build

We’re embracing change and escaping inertia because we don’t believe in maintaining the status-quo. We’re here to help your business do the same. Come build the future with us.