Are you taking advantage of the mobile-only opportunity?


15th January 2020


1 min


Sarat Pediredla

Forget mobile-first‚ we’re now entering the age of mobile-only and many brands are woefully underprepared.

Where once mobile was a channel amongst many‚ we’re seeing that in many industries and for particular customers a mobile app might be the only way they communicate with your brand.

This is only going to get more prevalent over the coming years as the purchasing power and influence of digital natives including Millennials and‚ soon‚ Generation Z outstrips all other demographics.

As a result‚ its vitally important that your mobile app meets the increasingly high expectations of your target users.

We’ve crystallised some of the prevailing trends‚ challenges and opportunities of the impending mobile-only revolution in a handy infographic below.

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