Cybercrime Set to Rise – Ways to Avoid Being a Victim


6th December 2022


2 min


Antony Towle

Cybercrime Set to Rise – Ways to Avoid Being a Victim

Protection in whatever form should be taken seriously‚ more so when your business depends on it.

A recent report from Statista is predicting a surge in cybercrime over the next 5 years with the cost rising from $8.44 trillion to $29 trillion by 2027 – staggering figures.

Whilst staggering it is to be expected‚ as more of our daily lives are uploaded and managed by the cloud there is much more real estate for cyber criminals to access. This has largely been driven from COVID and subsequent changes of working practices across the world as much more information gets exchanged.

Fortunately‚ there are a number of ways to help mitigate against or at least reduce the threat of cybercrime‚ these include:

Reduce the risk of human error – this can be a mixture of poor education or simple mistakes. Either way it is hugely important to make sure key holders have strong passwords and keep them safe (with the likes of 1password). 

Updates – a common way into tech infrastructures‚ outdated plug ins‚ languages‚ frameworks etc. Hacker’s use identified vulnerabilities to progress through websites. Moreover‚ once they have found the weakness this gets shared throughout their networks. To avoid this‚ ensure all aspects of the website are updated as quickly as possible by developing a schedule of update checks and deployment.

SSL Cert & HTTPS – a simple process but ensure your website holds both.

Integrate Multi-Factor Authentication – a secure way of ensuring only authorised people have access to the website by confirming their approved credentials.

Good housekeeping – ensure you have a backup schedule for your website and data records. This way if the worse did happen and the data was held to ransom you can restore without any impact on your business.

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