hedgehog lab at the Yorkshire Marathon


16th October 2018


1 min


Paige Miles

As Sunday approached‚ our relay team of 6 was feeling that mixture of excitement and fear that usually comes with physical exercise in a public setting. Some had been busy with after work practice runs; some had not.



After donning their official hedgehog lab t-shirts and running shoes‚ they were off.

Well‚ one of them was off. The rest were waiting their turn with the GPS baton‚ with handy shuttle buses available on the University of York campus to take them to their designated running points.

The weather was miserable but the atmosphere was great. The turnout from the local community is always incredible – this year was no different. People stood outside their homes under umbrellas‚ some even offering much-needed sweets to flagging runners.


Fueling up 

Out team ended up completing the 26.1 miles of the relay in just over 4 hours: 4 hours‚ 5 minutes and 51 seconds to be precise. We didn’t quite reach last year’s goal of smashing the 4 hour mark‚ but there’s always next year!