Innovate Now: How can a business benefit from AR?


30th January 2020


2 min


Dale Jones

Back in May‚ hedgehog lab proudly founded Innovate Now‚ an event aimed at enlightening businesses about the benefits of embracing innovation‚ whether theoretical or technological.

In September‚ the first ever Innovate Now event took place in the company’s newly-expanded Newcastle headquarters‚ focusing on the benefits of adopting innovative working methods and explaining how to choose those that most fit your business’ needs.

Having analysed feedback from attendees‚ we’re delighted to say our first event went down a treat. Nevertheless‚ we’re looking forward to implementing a few improvements identified by hedgehogs and innovators alike!

Innovate Now – XR for Businesses:

For the reasons above‚ the team are delighted to confirm that our second event will take place on the evening of Thursday‚ November 16th. The event will take on a slightly different format as we tailor it to best suit the topic of focus: how businesses can benefit from Augmented Reality (AR) and other immersive technologies. 

We’ll be getting interactive as a panel of industry experts discuss their thoughts on the application and future of AR. We’ll then let our guests try out a number of XR experiences to gain a more practical understanding of the power of immersive technologies. 

Following the launch of iOS 11 and subsequently the introduction of ARKit‚ hedgehog lab has been keenly leading coverage of AR‚ releasing a range of content around Augmented Reality development‚ including a research piece on the ARToolkit options currently available. 

Here‚ we will move away from the technicalities of Augmented‚ Virtual and Mixed Reality to explain more about the commercial advantages of embracing the technologies.

With brands such as IKEA recently releasing AR-enabled mobile apps that allow users to preview products in their own homes before purchase‚ AR’s potential to increase revenue‚ boost customer experience and transform industries is already clear.

So no matter your sector‚ you can benefit from joining us to learn more about the practicalities of XR and how embracing the tech could help you steal a march on your competitors. Those interested in the event‚ which will also include networking opportunities‚ can apply for an invitation at its official website.

More information‚ including details on our speaker panel‚ will be released via our Twitter‚ Facebook and Instagram pages. So stay tuned!