iTunes Connect App Analytics‚ the best way to know your app


20th January 2020


3 min


Antonia Hayianni

Apple’s iTunes Connect is a web-based resource aimed at developers‚ offering a suite of tools to help publish‚ promote‚ sell and track apps on the App Store and iTunes.

Among its most important features is App Analytics‚ which lets people measure engagement levels of those using their apps‚ as well as monetisation and marketing campaigns connected to apps on both the iOS and tvOS platforms. Essentially‚ it depicts the user journey from casual onlooker to viewer to customer‚ creating revenues for the app owner‚ developer or marketer. 

App Analytics is the best way to learn more about your app and your users. It helps you to find out metrics like customer visits to your app’s page on the App Store‚ app opens on different devices‚ In-App purchases‚ create campaign links to measure the marketing campaigns‚ and referring websites. Moreover‚ this data can be filtered based on the purchase date‚ territory‚ website referrer‚ and other filters. App Analytics only displays data from devices using iOS 8 or later.

The tool is available to all the members of Apple’s developer program‚ and anyone with admin‚ finance or sales user roles in iTunes Connect can gain access to it‚ bringing a number of potential benefits:

  • Web traffic monitoring‚ which lets developers and marketers know the organic marketing channels driving the highest traffic‚ downloads‚ usage and revenue for the app. 

  • App Store impressions‚ showing how many times an app has been viewed within the App Store‚ and thus helping find the click through rate to download.

  • User engagement measurement based on metrics‚ active devices‚ retention and number of sessions. This helps developers analyse the impact of product changes‚ ensuring they drive the highest engagement.

  • Apple TV data covering page views‚ downloads and engagement for tvOS apps. Users can also track the results of tvOS app campaigns promoted in different apps

  • Marketing campaign impact measurement through unique links for each campaign. By looking at factors like download numbers and average spend‚ this provides an indication of which is the most effective marketing campaign.

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  •  Analysis of App Store Optimisation and product page effectiveness can be achieved by considering the likes of metrics and the percentage of page views which actually translate into user downloads.

  • User number counts based on Apple ID –  rather than device type – providing much more precise data on paying customers; should someone install the same app on both an iPhone and iPad‚ for instance‚ this might count as two installations but only one sale

In conclusion‚ App Analytics is a comprehensive tool for tracking‚ measuring and assessing user engagement with an app – as well as revenues generated. Through it‚ mobile app developers can gain an overview of how their app is performing‚ make improvements accordingly and effectively assess their impact. Hence‚ it’s an indispensable tool for mobile app developers and brands. 

Images: Apple