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23rd January 2020


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Ray Clarke

hedgehog lab is a global software development consultancy with a passion for helping startups to adopt post-PC technologies. As mobile partners‚ we collaborate with our Startups right from the discovery stage where ideas are defined. Then‚ we work with our clients to nurture and implement these ideas‚ through effective strategy planning.

Understanding the role of mobile in a business is vital‚ to ensure that your strategy delivers on key objectives. Our workshops and planning support help startups determine the role of mobile‚ guiding them through the process to ensure their solutions improve productivity and deliver a great ROI.

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End-to-End Solutions for Startups 

We host discovery workshops for startups in our ‘Breakout Space’‚ working through ideas and looking for solutions to any challenges they face. This gives a clear focus to the design stage‚ leading to working prototypes that make the build and test phase easier. We also offer desk space for startups‚ where entrepreneurs can camp out and get involved in the design and development stage. This is the unique advantage our startup mobile partners have: being a part of the entire development cycle. 

Our product development cycle involves four meticulously planned and executed stages:

  • Discover and Plan

  • Design

  • Build and Test

  • Evaluate and Learn

hedgehog lab has worked with 12 startups in 2015‚ four of which have already been through the development cycle‚ with apps now in the app store. Three startups apps are currently in development‚ whilst a further five are presenting their projects at investor decks with our support.  

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By providing end-to-end solutions for mobile app requirements‚ startups can benefit from much better value for money‚ whilst ensuring that the final results live up to expectations.

Want to see our work in action? Let’s take a look at how our recent startup projects are doing: 


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1 UP is a free entertainment app that enables you to share photos and 10-second stop-motion videos with your friends and family. Users can interact with others by creating and participating in competitions‚ forming groups‚ commenting on posts and sharing updates. There has been extensive backend development on profiles‚ live data‚ stack and the like‚ and we’re really proud of the results.


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Imagine an app that helps you discover restaurants that serve your favourite dishes‚ and food that suits your mood. Well‚ it exists! Just YUM or YUK the dishes and let the search engines do the rest – FoodMood will present you with the best restaurants that serve the dishes you love. The development stage involved extensive backend and algorithms‚ to ensure that the app delivers a fantastic selection of search results‚ instantly.


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Business cards are officially redundant. Katchit allows you to exchange details within seconds‚ including everything from your phone number and email to your social media accounts. Better still‚ Katchit gives you the flexibility to choose what details you want to exchange‚ and who you want to exchange them with.

It’s as simple as this: meet a new contact‚ both open the app and choose to be THROWER or KATCHER. With Katchit your new contact’s details will be stored safely in your iOS address book and Katchbook. Our extensive work in Bluetooth empowers you to pass on details even if there is no cellular signal or WiFi available.


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This is another great startup that brings value to both restaurant owners and foodies. Our appetite is rewarded‚ our taste is considered and our loyalty is reciprocated‚ to offer an even better experience when dining out. Share your experience with friends to gain mileage on DinerMojo.

These are just a few of the fantastic start ups we’ve had the pleasure of working with recently. We’re currently helping many more define their ideas and carve out their niche in the mobile app market:

Project #1: There are websites and apps catering to a hundreds of thousands of rock climbers‚ which provide 2D photographs of climbing routes. This app provides 3D models of boulders‚ rock faces and mountains that can be viewed in a 3D viewer. Climbers can then search for their site‚ get the details of routes‚ and familiarise themselves with the rocks‚ to make pursuing their favourite sport easier. 

Project #2: Popular messaging platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger only allow linear conversation. As many conversations happen simultaneously in group chats‚ users find it difficult to chat. This new Idea resolves the issue‚ by allowing users to create sub-threads within their existing messaging threads. Branched is a brand new messaging platform for both business and social use. 

hedgehog lab as a global leader in post-PC technologies‚ committed to helping major brands and startups embrace mobile. To find out how our agile processes can drive your startups tech strategy‚ get in touch.