hedgehog lab’s favourite posts from 2018


29th January 2020


4 min


Billy Wood

It’s been a busy year over on the hedgehog lab blog and we know it can be hard to keep up with all the content we publish. Which is why we’ve brought some of our most popular posts from 2018 together in one place to make your life easier.Regular readers will know there’s been a steady stream of thought-provoking and forward-thinking articles all year-round. However‚ for those who simply don’t have the time to keep up with everything we’ve published over the last 12 months (sometimes we struggle ourselves!)‚ we’ve collated our five most popular posts from 2018 for your reading pleasure.

Read on to discover more about everything from blockchain to artificial intelligence (AI) and the five books you must read about the business of apps.

What is the current state and future of artificial intelligence? (February)

Our very own Doctor and AI Practice Lead‚ Russell Collingham‚ gave us a snappy summation of the current state of play in AI this year‚ along with a look ahead to where the technology might be going.

Touching upon everything from Alpha Go to the Amazon Echo‚ the ever-popular post has proven a handy guide-map to what has been another breakneck year for AI with breakthrough after breakthrough setting us up for even more mind-boggling advances in 2019. 

Look out for more insight from Russell in the New Year.

10 apps that can improve productivity in the construction sector (July)

The construction industry has long struggled with productivity experiencing only incremental technological advances over the decades. This has changed in recent years thanks to the ubiquity of smaller‚ sturdier‚ smarter devices that are now flooding construction sites all over the world.

Where there are smart devices there are apps of course‚ so back in July I took a look at some of the most-exciting apps that are currently driving productivity gains within the construction sector.

Read these 5 books if you want to understand the business of apps (August)

Back in the height of summer‚ hedgehog lab Chief Executive Officer‚ Sarat Pediredla‚ penned what was easily our most-popular blog post from 2018.

Giving credence to the adage that all leaders are readers‚ Sarat is rarely without a book on the go; his Kindle seemingly attached to his person like a permanent extension of his arm.

In the post he distilled his hundreds of hours of reading down to just five classic titles that he thinks you must read if you want to understand the app business. Their inclusion here giving you just enough time to add any that take your fancy to your Christmas list.

How VR is changing sport (September) 

Our esteemed Marketing Strategist‚ Dale Jones‚ combined two of his greatest loves‚ sport and technology‚ in this post back in the Autumn that took a deep dive into immersive technology’s growing influence on some of our favourite sports.

Drawing on the experience of VR and AR elder statesman‚ Vin Sumner of Clicks and Links‚ Dale looked at how teams and athletes are utilising immersive training to give them a competitive edge.

Extra points for sneaking in a reference to his beloved Berwick Rangers FC too. 

4 things finance gets wrong about blockchain (September)

Also dropping in September was this article from Sarat demystifying some of the common misconceptions that are still being widely traded about blockchain.

It’s one of the most-hyped technologies around‚ but also one of the most inherently misunderstood‚ so click the link above to find out where many are going wrong.

Not only will it help to disabuse yourself of any misguided ideas you might have about the technology‚ it will also prove a nice warm-up ahead of our big blockchain series that we’re launching next year. Keep your eyes peeled!