Clutch b2b budge 2020


Proud to be Named a Top Development Firm Again by Clutch.


30th April 2020


2 min


Antonia Hayianni

From banking to travel‚ technology now forms the bedrock of most 21st-century industries as software continues to eat the world. However‚ now more than ever‚ our clients are looking to technology and the world of digital to help maintain a competitive edge in challenging market conditions. 

Over the past year‚ our team have worked on solving a fascinating range of business pain points‚ ranging from improving efficiency in one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers to developing an innovative FinTech app designed to increase the number of people saving for their future. 

In recognition of our success and continued impact‚ we’ve been named a top global App Development partner once again by Clutch‚ the leading industry ratings and reviews platform. Clutch uses verified review to assess companies according to quality‚ attention to project timelines and overall cost-efficiency.

We’re delighted to report we’ve achieved 4.9 out of five stars on Clutch‚ reflecting the consistently high feedback we receive from clients. 

“It’s fantastic to be recognised again by Clutch as one of the top global developers. We are extremely proud of the calibre and expertise of the whole Netsells team.” 

– Brannan Coady‚ CEO‚ former Netsells (hedgehog lab)

We continue to help organisations transform through technology‚ turning commercial strategies and new ideas into clearly defined digital products. Contact us today if you’d like to leverage our expertise to help your business thrive.