UK’s Most Recommended BI & Big Data Company for 2022


14th October 2022


2 min


Antony Towle

The Manifest Celebrates hedgehog lab Group as the UK’s Most Recommended BI & Big Data Company for 2022

Founded in 2010‚ hedgehog lab Group is a digital product consultancy that’s dedicated to building better solutions. Based in the heart of York‚ United Kingdom‚ we are passionate about innovation. Our team loves optimising and improving solutions to allow our clients to have the best results.

Today‚ we’re celebrating a fantastic award that our clients enabled. During the very first The Manifest Company Recognitions‚ hedgehog lab Group was officially named as one of the United Kingdom’s best recommended BI and big data solutions providers for 2022!

This is massive news for us! Looking back at how our journey humbly started‚ we can’t help but be overwhelmed by this recognition. Having been in the industry for more than a decade has molded us to become the company that we are today. The generous support of our incredible clients allowed us to achieve exciting achievements like this award.

Moreover‚ The Manifest is a business news resource designed to allow SMBs to browse through company directories‚ study market reports‚ and view how-to guides. For their inaugural company awards‚ the platform showcases the excellent relationships of service providers with their clients. The awardees are determined based on the number of testimonials and referrals they’ve earned over the past twelve months.

We’d like to attribute this momentous achievement to our supportive clients. Without the projects you’ve entrusted us with‚ we wouldn’t be here today.  Thank you for the gracious support and confidence!

BI and big data aren’t our only strengths. Find out what else hedgehog lab Group can do for you! Send us a message and let’s work together.