Proudly sponsoring the DjangoCon Conference and joining the global technology revolution.


14th September 2023


5 min


Antonia Hayianni

How we use Django.

Django is an open-source web framework that was invented to meet fast-moving newsroom deadlines while satisfying the tough requirements of experienced web developers. Ridiculously fast, reassuringly secure and incredibly versatile, at hedgehog lab we’ve used Django to help us deliver global tech products that range from a fitness app with over 10k downloads to stock trading and innovative digital health assessments.

Using the Django REST framework to build the backend for these products, we benefit from built-in support for complex data types, seamless third-part integration and code-level unit testing to ensure product features meet the specified user acceptance criteria.

What to expect from DjangoCon Africa.

Focused on creating global tech solutions that enable human progress, the first-ever DjangoCon Africa Conference is an event we’re proud to sponsor.  DjangoCon Africa is an opportunity for people from all areas and backgrounds to come together for a mutual understanding of contexts, challenges and opportunities in technology.

Taking place in Zanzibar on 6-11th November 2023, the event will inspire its attendees to come away with fresh perspectives – on Africa, on Django, Python and open-source software. 

Speakers at the Conference range from the President of the Django Software Foundation to the Engineering Director at Canonical, a Product Manager at Microsoft and the Technical Director at Giant Digital. 

The Conference will combine three days of talks on programming, technology, careers, society and business with speakers from across the world, hands-on training and learning sessions led by experts in the field and collaboration opportunities to work together on code and contribute to major projects – including Django itself. 

Empowering women in technology.

DjangoCon says that guests might be surprised to see how many women are present at the Conference. Thanks to charities like the Django Software Foundation, Africa is becoming synonymous with including women in its technology revolution. The Django Girls program is a training workshop aimed at women, providing an introduction to web application development. In fact, tens of thousands of women across the world have had their introduction to Django through this hugely successful programme. 

Our very own Python developer, Fafa Modey, started volunteering for DjangoCon earlier this year as part of the core organising team for this inaugural conference. Speaking on this opportunity, Fafa said: 

“Volunteering for DjangoCon is largely based on my passion for building tech communities and developing programming skills within the region. I currently work in the sponsorships committee to raise awareness about the conference among potential individuals and organisations who may be interested in providing financial and in-kind support to host the conference.” 

The benefits of an open-source framework.

Beyond promoting women in technology, Django’s open-source framework also provides opportunities for people struggling with disabilities, lack of educational or training resources and access to support networks or employment options in underprivileged communities. 

Open-source software serves as a catalyst for empowerment, education, and economic development in underprivileged communities by removing financial barriers, fostering skills development and promoting collaboration and innovation. Furthermore, it enables people to harness the power of technology to improve their lives and communities.

Open-source software has the potential to open doors for people in underprivileged communities in several ways:

  • Affordability: Open-source software is typically available for free, which eliminates the cost barrier for individuals and organizations with limited financial resources. This affordability makes it accessible to people who cannot afford proprietary software licenses.
  • Education and skills development: Open-source software encourages learning and skills development. It provides a platform for individuals in underprivileged communities to gain hands-on experience with software development, coding, and technology. This can lead to improved employability and career prospects in the tech industry.
  • Community collaboration: Open-source projects often have diverse and inclusive communities. People from underprivileged backgrounds can become part of these communities, collaborate with others and benefit from mentorship and support. This sense of belonging can be empowering and help individuals grow their skills and networks.
  • Local solutions: Open-source software allows communities to create custom solutions tailored to their specific needs. In underprivileged areas with unique challenges, open-source software can be used to develop applications and tools that address local issues, such as healthcare, education and agriculture.
  • Access to information: Open-source software promotes the sharing of knowledge and information. It allows communities to access and utilise a wide range of educational resources, content management systems, and communication tools, enabling better access to information and opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship: Open-source software can support entrepreneurship in underprivileged communities. Individuals can use open-source platforms and tools to start businesses, develop digital products and offer technology services, creating economic opportunities and reducing unemployment.
  • Digital inclusion: Open-source software can contribute to digital inclusion efforts by providing accessible and adaptable solutions. It can be customised to accommodate diverse needs – including those with disabilities – promoting inclusivity and equal access to technology.

At DjangoCon, attendees can discover localised problems – often social ones – that people are intuitively using Python and Django to solve. 

Here at hedgehog lab, we truly believe that technology makes a difference to people’s lives. It’s through our innate ability to empathise and remain curious that we strive to create tech solutions that solve meaningful problems. And we’re excited to be part of another step forward in the global technology revolution.

To learn more about DjangoCon Africa or to buy tickets for this year’s Conference, visit the website and follow Fafa on LinkedIn to stay up to date with everything Django.