Report: The Future of Transport and Urban Mobility


27th May 2020


2 min


Bethan Vincent

The Road To Smarter Transport Systems

Our exclusive 21-page report outlines:

  • Current infrastructure issues
  • How COVID-19 will affect and alter transport networks
  • The future of smartphone and smart display use in vehicles
  • The rise of smart parking
  • How real-time data will transform ticketing and mobility planning

The last decade saw advancements in numerous transport fields‚ including autonomous vehicles and smart payments for rail journeys. Yet transport networks are coming under increasing pressure and‚ in many cases‚ are unable to cope with the demand being placed on them. 

Technology will be crucial to alleviating these urban strains. For instance‚ using a smartphone to pay for a rail or tube journey may be convenient but the real value lies in the data streams that the transaction can create. They can be used by city and transport planners to inform future decision-making. 

The aftermath of COVID-19 will undoubtedly also have a transformational impact on transportation and drive investment in solutions designed to help systems adjust to the new normal after several months of disruption.

In this report‚ we present some of the major problems facing transport networks and infrastructure to highlight the innovations and technologies that can be used to improve urban mobility. We ask the crucial question of each: what will their role be in a fundamentally disrupted landscape and why will they be key to the future of transport?