The best way you can #dowhatyoucant with Galaxy S8


14th January 2020


4 min


Krishna Pediredla

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S8 and S8+ mobiles on March 29‚ 2017. There are some amazing firsts to know about these devices. These feature rich mobile devices have scored on all fronts from display to performance to security creating unique experiences for the users. Here are some of the interesting features that stand for the brand message of Samsung‚ #dowhatyoucant… 

Infinity Display

Every 5-7 years the form factor of the devices is changing from hardware keys to softkeys and now to bezel less. This Infinity display goes beyond edges for a lager smooth and continuous experience with a technical spec of 18.5:9 screen. 

Brilliant colour reproduction and the curved display is the first for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ mobiles. Even the android founder recently released a teaser image of the new device which he is bezel-less as well. This clearly shows that the future of the phones is changing for infinity display.

Bixby the AI assistant

Samsung’s has come up with its own AI assistant for Galaxy S8 and S8+. Bixby the intelligent multi-modal interface places voice and touch interaction modes at your command. Now you can manage the camera‚ identify landmarks‚ set reminders based on time and location and access your favorite apps the moment you need them.

Biometric Authentication

With Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ you can experience more personalised authentication.  Iris technology is introduced again for the first time along with Facial recognition technology and fingerprint scanning. Now you can opt for any of these methods to unlock your phone or log into your applications with added level of security.

10nm Processor

The Galaxy S8 devices are powered by the industry’s first 10nm processor known for its faster performance coupled with lower power consumption. The 10nm processors are 27% faster and consume 40% less energy than their predecessors 14nm processors. Moreover‚ the new processor has got the ability to support Samsung’s premium services like Samsung DeX and Samsung Connect.

Samsung DeX

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Want to convert your Galaxy S8 and S8+ into a desktop-like experience? Now you can work with documents and have entertainment on a larger display equipped with keyboard and mouse with Samsung DeX. you can have mobility without compromising the luxury of a bigger screen.

Gigabit  LTE and Gigabit Wi-Fi

For an unmatched experience‚ the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are going to be equipped with the Gigabit LTE and Gigabit Wi-Fi support. This enables faster downloads with speeds up to 1 Gbps no matter how big your file may be.

4K HDR capability

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are going to delight you with 4K HDR capability. The mobile device has become the first to be certified as MOBILE HDR PREMIUMTM on the market. The feature helps to view the same vibrant colors and contrasts without any deviations from the original image or video.

Bluetooth 5

Galaxy S8 and S8+ provide seamless connectivity as they support Bluetooth 5. This technology enables the devices to transfer data at 2x speeds coupled with a 4x range upto 800 ft. as well consumes less energy. Now it’s possible to interact with IoT connected devices with easy. Bluetooth 5 also enables you to connect multiple devices‚ say two headphones and enjoy the favorite track on both.

Though Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ have many enticing features to talk about they have their share of negatives. One such pain point is the location of the fingerprint scanner which can’t be reached out easily and needs some extra effort to do so. The second and major pain point is the battery life as the larger screen display may naturally require more energy. But for a couple of issues these smart devices are going to set new benchmarks in creating great user experiences.

Images: Samsung