Top Applications Built With Laravel


15th January 2021


3 min


Scott Batchelor

Since its launch in 2011‚ the Laravel framework for PHP has revolutionised our ability to build beautiful web applications with powerful feature sets. 

Using a library of robust and reliable widgets‚ Laravel allows us to create fully integrated web products that have powerful security mechanisms‚ enterprise-ready performance and intuitive UX.

Read on for 5 of our favourite web applications leveraging the power of Laravel.

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World Walking

World Walking is an app which allows users to track their steps against iconic routes such as Route 66‚ the Great Wall of China and the Scottish North Coast 500. The application works as a pedometer to track user progress‚ providing them with photos‚ facts and Streetview for the places they “travel through”.

The application leverages the Laravel ‘broadcast’ back-end functionality in conjunction with Laravel Echo front end functionality to easily push chat messages to web clients. This allows for gamification‚ with users earning badges and being served push notifications as they reach specific milestones. 

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Koel is a web-based personal audio streaming application which uses VueJS on the client-side and Laravel on the server-side. The application is designed to remove the necessity of storing purchased audio files locally‚ freeing up device space without relying on the libraries of other streaming services. 

The creator of Koel‚ Phan An‚ cited the scalability of Laravel as a key reason for his choice to use it for the backend‚ as in some instances the backend will need to be able to handle the processing of tens of thousands of individual files. 

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Invicta Watch Group

Built with Laravel‚ Invicta Watch Group is a complex e-commerce website for the American watch market. Having gathered a large and loyal fan base since the company’s inception in 1837‚ Invicta uses a Laravel-based CMS to accommodate a plethora of features and handle traffic surges during seasonal hikes.

The online product catalogue contains images‚ videos and descriptions‚ which is handled impeccably within the framework‚ delivering information impressively fast whilst maintaining water-tight security standards for both customers and visitors.

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Specfox allows team members to interpret and collaborate over the visual elements of web and mobile applications‚ allowing users to upload designs‚ add notes and generate powerful specification documents.

Laravel enables Specfox to not only deliver complex product specifications to multiple users at incredibly fast speeds‚ but provides the security necessary to ensure that sensitive project information is safe and secure whilst on the platform. 

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Barchart is a leading portal for financial experts and businesses to get the latest market data for US‚ UK‚ Australia and Canadian stock markets. 

Leveraging the power of a Laravel-based backend‚ Barchart is able to provide the real-time prices for stock‚ commodities‚ gold‚ currency exchanges and option data. It also allows users to trade online for the various European markets‚ serving live updates as values change.

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