Why the best user interface might be invisible


30th January 2020


3 min


Dale Jones

At hedgehog lab‚ we’ve made no secret of our confidence in conversational user interfaces. Increasingly‚ businesses are beginning to realise the benefits associated with creating conversational experiences that offer genuine value to users‚ by removing barriers and creating more natural and convenient interactions.

In fact‚ the number of third party apps (or Skills as they’re officially known) available for the Amazon Alexa has sky-rocketed over the last few quarters‚ with signs suggesting growth will continue.

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We’re no stranger to Alexa innovations‚ as demonstrated by our research into the potential of conversational UI in healthcare‚ and more focused exploration of the opportunity provided by the Amazon Echo to improve the lives of Alzheimer’s patients. 

It isn’t just voice-activated offerings that are on the rise‚ though. Social platforms like Facebook Messenger are offering brands a softer route into the world of chatbots. Elsewhere‚ more brands are recognising the opportunity in creating custom-built automated conversation experiences which appear natural.

Accordingly‚ we’re delighted to announce that our third Innovate Now event will take place Tuesday 30th January‚ and will be focused around our title Conversational Interaction.

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Even better‚ we’ll be joined by Amazon’s own Andrea Muttoni‚ who is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Alexa. In his role‚ Andrea travels the world to share stories‚ learnings and best practices for building voice-enabled experiences with Alexa.

We anticipate that Andrea’s vast experience in both developing Skills himself and also touring the globe to interact with Skills developers will lend perfectly to the nature of Innovate Now. Having seen a sneak peak of one of his previous talks‚ the hedgehog lab team are very excited to welcome him to our Newcastle office and look forward to seeing him inspire our Innovate Now audience!

The team also hope to finalise a second presenter over the next month. It’s hoped our second speaker will be able to provide a first-hand overview of the business case surrounding the adoption and development of conversational user interfaces. To be the first to learn about our guest‚ drop us a follow on @InnovateNowTech.

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Innovate Now will return to hedgehog lab on Tuesday 30th January. Kicking off at 6pm and lasting until 9pm‚ our guests will enjoy presentations from two speakers‚ great complimentary food and drink and a superb networking opportunity with a great calibre of delegate. 

To apply for your spot‚ head to the official website of Innovate Now and complete our registration form. We’ll be in touch!