5 Reasons Why We Love Laravel


5th November 2018


3 min


Paige Miles


We often hear the question‚ Why use Laravel for web development? It’s the framework our backend developers use in the majority of our projects and we are known for our expertise in it. For non-developers though‚ it’s hard to distinguish what makes one framework better than another.

There are five key reasons why we chose to develop in Laravel and continue to do so.

We use Laravel because it is:

Laravel is Popular

The popularity of Laravel isn’t just testament to its greatness. It’s also part of what makes it great. Using a popular framework guarantees it is well-tested; other developers have already found and fixed broken issues. Although we still make sure we test all of our platforms rigorously‚ the reliability of Laravel means testing is not such a costly process for our clients. The end platform is robust and secure.

Laravel is Accessible

Laravel is seen as an ‘easy’ framework for backend developers. Its language (PHP) is what is known as an interpreted language. Unlike compiled languages which require developers to compile and then run code‚ interpreted languages have no need for this step. Developers can refresh the page and see changes instantly as they are developing. If a developer is comfortable with a backend language they should have no issue with Laravel.

Laravel is Bespoke

We are committed to creating fully bespoke platforms‚ designed and developed according to individual client needs. Laravel is the perfect fit for this as it allows unlimited scope within a project. Whereas developers using WordPress are limited by plugins‚ Laravel developers are able to fulfil all of a client’s requirements. We can even integrate Laravel with existing systems so that client platforms built in other languages and frameworks can be refined with Laravel.

Laravel is Reusable

Another appealing quality of Laravel development is that we can build further platforms for existing clients with only minor alterations to the build. If a client has already contracted us to build them a Laravel site‚ it would be inexpensive for us to build them an app based off the website.

Laravel is Compatible

The ease of building frontend based off Laravel backend is down to the strong ties Laravel has with Vuejs‚ the Javascript framework our frontend team use. The two frameworks are perfectly compatible‚ meaning we can produce robust websites and apps that are beautifully designed and executed too.

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