Our Top 10 Tips for Web Summit


29th October 2018


4 min


Paige Miles

With Web Summit 2018 only a mere week away‚ we’ve compiled together our top 10 tips for how to get the most out of your time there.

  • Reach out to people online beforehand. Engaging people online before you get there means you can really pinpoint who you want to meet with. It’s a good idea to follow the #WebSummit hashtag across social media and engage in the buzz happening online. Be sure you’re introducing yourself to people with shared interests so you don’t find your calendar filled with unproductive meetings.
  • Pitch in the right way. Pitching is a hard skill; it’s important to present the unique element of your business. Let investors know what is different about your business and why they should invest their time and money into it. It’s fine to roughly plan your pitch approach beforehand but reciting pitches is never a good idea. Not only are they often too formal and stuffy but regurgitating the same speech is going to sap you of your enthusiasm and undersell your product.
  • Remember to pack the essentials. Remember to bring plenty of business cards as you will be constantly handing these out. Another great way of setting yourself apart from other startups is by putting real thought into what content to bring with you. Don’t just create a standard flyer – make it innovative‚ well-designed and executed.
  • Make the most of your time. 5 days might seem like a lot but it passes by quickly. With so much to see and do‚ it’s essential to plan out your time beforehand so you can make the most out of each opportunity. The official Web Summit app is actually a great tool for this. Not only can you use it to message other people that will be attending but you can create a schedule in the app.
  • Don’t forget social media. Engaging in social media is a massive part of running a business. It’s important that you document your time at big events through social media. Whether that’s taking photos with new contacts‚ or live-tweeting speaker events‚ you should be actively engaging. New opportunities arise every day but you should still put effort into that process.
  • Mix business with pleasure. Lisbon is an undeniably beautiful city; why not spend time exploring local bars and restaurants? Invite new clients to try the Portuguese national dish Bacalhan with you. Informal settings are sometimes the best when forming new business relationships‚ so you could impress them by suggesting the Park Restaurant and Bar‚ accessed via a car park but known for its unbeatable views of the city.
  • Take in the culture. Did you know that the Belém district of Lisbon is host to two UNESCO World Heritage sites? Or that the Alfama neighbourhood has some of the best views in the entire city? There’s plenty of culture to be experienced in Lisbon‚ so take some time off to soak it all in.
  • Stay a little extra. On that note‚ staying a little longer if possible is definitely a must. Not only will you get to experience more of Lisbon‚ but you might even get a chance to take a half-day trip to a beach. There are a number of amazing beaches to be seen in Lisbon. Or‚ if you’d prefer‚ you could catch a quick 30 minute train to the nearby seaside resort of Estoril.
  • Travel in style (and comfort). It’s been noted by many that Lisbon is a city of hills. With time tight‚ take advantage of Lisbon’s great and affordable public transportation options. Tickets are cheaply available for passes that cover buses‚ trams and funiculars. Or you could make use of the metro system. Better still‚ why not take a ferry if you get the chance? You’re guaranteed to see some breathtaking views of Lisbon so get your camera ready.
  • Enjoy it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of being so business-focused that you forget to take a breath and enjoy the experience. Appreciate that going to Web Summit is a unique opportunity to be fully immersed in the global tech and business community. Allow yourself to be inspired by the speakers and overwhelmed by the experience. Just don’t forget to follow up any networking with personalised emails once you’re back home!