Building trust with our clients


5th October 2021


5 min


Catherine Jordan

It’s vital that you trust the app development company that’s going to build a new mobile or web app for you or take over a legacy project. 

You’ll be sharing a huge amount of information with your new partner – from competitor analysis to product developments‚ customer insights to business models. 

You have to trust in the partner’s values and mission‚ and know that the team members you’ll be working with have the technical expertise to deliver the digital product that you need. 

From our decades of experience working with global clients‚ we’ve learnt how to build productive relationships that are founded on mutual trust. 

We find being upfront about what it’s like to work with us is the best place to start. So‚ here are five things you can expect us to do when we start working together: 

Set clear expectations

It’s essential that we’re both clear on what’s expected of us.

That way‚ we can deliver what you want and you can provide us with all the information we need to do it. 

At the start of any project‚ even during the pitching and contract stage‚ we’ll talk to you about what is needed to complete your project. That will include all of the things we need from you to do our job – whether it’s information about your technical landscape and existing systems‚ customer and market information‚ products or employee capabilities. We’ll tell you when we need it and how we’ll use it.

In exchange‚ we’ll give you a clear plan of action that sets out each phase of the mobile app development process and when we expect you to get research to consider‚ prototypes to review and when the  latest release of the product will be ready. Because we are continually researching‚ testing and prototyping the plan can change – lots of things can happen to impact a development timescale but we’ll tell you as quickly as possible if this is going to happen. 

Ask lots of questions

From complex queries to simple inquiries‚ we’ll always ask the questions needed to get the job done. 

An open and honest relationship with our clients means we can both ask each other anything throughout the project. In fact‚ we encourage it. No question is too small if it helps to clarify something that will result in a better product. 

You’ll have a dedicated product manager that will be your main point of contact during the project. They can answer any questions you have and feed any queries from our development teams to you. The conversation is ongoing and two-way. 

The questions we ask are also likely to be the ones that your customers ask when they engage with your app. Think of us as a testing platform where you can iron out big or small queries before your app is launched. 

Educate each other

We strive to learn as much as we can about your business. 

During the discovery phase‚ we’ll work hard to understand your market‚ customers‚ product range and operations so we can create digital solutions that solve your business problems. 

We’ll ask you to appoint a product owner in your business to work closely with our product manager on the day-to-day running of the project. It’s great if that person has knowledge of digital product development but‚ if they don’t‚ we’ll educate them on the practicalities involved. This not only grows their understanding but ensures you have the in-house expertise to get what you need from the project. 

Say no

We do say ‘no’ sometimes. 

In order to make a project deliverable‚ we may have to turn down some of your requests or look at different ways of achieving them on time and to budget. 

We’re not ‘yes’ people. We’re people who want to build the best digital product possible within the constraints of your project. 

Because we have mutual respect for your business knowledge and our technical expertise‚ we’ll always discuss every possibility. But we’ll only advocate the ones that are deliverable and that will make a difference to you and your customers. 

Add value 

You’ll spend a lot of time with your product manager and the team members working to build your mobile or web app. Their experience is extensive and they’re always happy to share it on issues outside of the project scope. 

Having an objective sounding board can really help to shape your thinking on a new project or identify case studies that might inspire further ideas. Our team is immersed in the latest mobile app development practices and techniques and will freely share its expertise with you. 

We’re ranked #1 by our customers for mobile app development because we’re focused on building long-term relationships and adding value wherever we can. 

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