How hedgehog lab’s app developers could solve your tech skills shortage


5th October 2021


3 min


Russell Collingham

Demand for exceptional digital services has driven a five-year high in tech recruitment. 

In the second quarter of 2021‚ the tech industry had the second-highest number of job vacancies in the UK as unfilled vacancies rose to 100‚000 per month. With 60‚000 vacant roles in March 2021‚ programmers and developers had the pick of the jobs. 

Many companies have been unable to replace team members quickly enough‚ leaving them to cope with smaller‚ lower-skilled in-house teams or facing hefty bills from contractors. 

But app development agencies like hedgehog lab offer another way to solve your tech skills shortage. 

Find an app development partner you can trust

Smaller agencies like ours are the ideal development partner for organisations who need expertise and flexibility. 

Less transient and more integrated than contractors‚ our highly skilled developers can become an extension of your in-house team. They can work on large-scale‚ long-term projects or be on hand to plug temporary resource gaps. 

We’ve worked with clients on discrete projects and spent dedicated time within their organisations to tackle complex issues. We can provide whatever they need to solve their business problems. 

Here’s now: 

  • We don’t do context switching. You’ll get a dedicated team that’s focused 100% on your project until it’s finished. 

  • We can mobilise quickly. We’re agile enough to respond to short deadlines and can get your product to market at speed without compromising on quality. 

  • We have a bank of skilled app developers who are experienced in iOS‚ Android‚ Web and Backend APIs and have B-2-B and B-2-C product knowledge across a wide range of sectors. 

  • We have a full service approach so our developer credentials are matched with designer‚ research and product experts all under one roof. 

  • We can help to upskill your in-house team. Our highly-skilled developers will share valuable insights with your team while completing your project. 

  • We bring fresh ideas to the table. Our global‚ cross-sector experience means we’ll offer new solutions and ways of working. 

Case study

Our head of technology‚ Dr Russell Collingham‚ spent six months working with the development team from a digital-only challenger bank. He was immersed in the client’s business and worked alongside its in-house team to find solutions to its digital problems. 

Russell shared his decades of knowledge with the bank’s team of new graduates and junior developers‚ enhancing their technical skills with practical experience. 

In return‚ Russell brought valuable lessons from the bank’s pair programming approach back to hedgehog lab that are now used to make our coding processes more efficient. 

Tech skills shortages could hit your business quickly or take a long time to solve. Having an app development partner you can trust by your side gives you the flexibility to respond in ways that enhance your business and your in-house team. 

Get in touch now to learn more about how we could support you.

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