hedgehog lab Directors invited to Number 10 for digital roundtable with the Prime Minister and Chancellor


21st November 2017


2 min


Michael Abbotson

hedgehog lab directors‚ Brannan Coady and Sam Jordan‚ were invited last week to meet with Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Prime Minister Theresa May‚ days before the Chancellor’s November budget‚ in a private event and roundtable at 10 Downing Street to discuss the UK Government’s plans for enabling technology to be a key factor in the acceleration of the UK economy.

Discussing what measures could and should be taken to enable growth within the UK digital sector‚ Brannan and Sam were able to represent the views of the thriving digital services sector within the North of England at Number 10 and ensure that the views from the North were heard loud and clear.

Discussions took place related to the Leeds 5G bid‚ a scheme that would transform the North of England’s digital infrastructure. hedgehog lab is fully supporting the need for flexibility and Government-led initiatives to support the introduction of driverless cars to our streets and a number of other issues including the ongoing ‘gig economy’ legal battles‚ the banning of Uber from the streets of the capital and the implications of Brexit on EU national workers.

hedgehog lab Managing Director Brannan Coady said

“It was a great pleasure to meet with the Chancellor and the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street‚ and it’s good to know that leaders in the digital sector from all around the UK are being listened to‚ rather than just those based in the Capital.”

“We are looking forward to upcoming budget announcements‚ including those that will have a great indirect benefit on the modern generation of young digital entrepreneurs‚ such as the introduction of a 26-30 railcard for the UK rail network”.

“With hedgehog lab having already welcomed the Chancellor to our office in York during the surprise General Election in May‚ we are pleased to be in a position where the UK Government is recognising our contributions to the UK digital Economy and the jobs we are providing and the stability that the digital services sector can help bring to the UK through a turbulent Brexit process”.