hedgehog lab acquire Specfox


19th December 2017


1 min


Brannan Coady

Specfox‚ the beautifully simple platform for producing annotated PDF website development specifications‚ has been acquired by hedgehog lab

We’re thrilled to announce that we have recently completed an acquisition of the software as a service platform We are excited to be working on the product‚ and have big plans for exciting new features in 2018. 

Check out 

SSL Issue Resolved

Our first action has been to fix an SSL issue that we know many users were seeing and migrate the platform to faster and more scalable infrastructure. All of your accounts and projects remain intact.

Whats Coming Next?

We have a roadmap of over 40 features‚ including Dropbox Sync‚ team accounts‚ folders‚ multilingual support and more. We also have big plans to extend the specification creation system to include more than just visual annotations – watch this space! We will keep you updated periodically as new features are added to the platform. 

We welcome feature suggestions from existing and new users of the platform to [email protected]