hedgehog lab Featured as Top UK Web Developer on Clutch


5th February 2018


2 min


Brannan Coady

Our team at hedgehog lab provides cutting edge digital solutions to businesses at home in the United Kingdom and abroad. We focus on mobile and web development projects with our clients’ needs in mind. With clients in over 40 countries‚ we have seen numerous chart topping successes. This is why we are excited to add another one to the list‚ as hedgehog lab has now been named one of the top web developers in Leeds by Clutch.

 Clutch is a Washington D.C. based B2B ratings and reviews platform that provides potential IT service buyers with extensive vendor research. For this report‚ they focused on the UK and Canada‚ identifying the top-performing firms in both locations. To determine their leaders‚ Clutch used a proprietary methodology which takes into account a firm’s market presence‚ their ability to deliver their services‚ and most importantly‚ their client reference reviews. 

Clutch badge

Some of our most recent reviews highlight the web development projects we’ve completed‚ specifically using Laravel PHP‚ Hatchly and WordPress. Here are some highlights from what our clients had to say:

 “They deliver exactly what we ask for every time. It looks professional‚ functions properly. They are quick to respond to problems.”

 “They offer valuable support‚ appropriate advice‚ and a high quality end product every time.”

“In terms of frontend development‚ they’re ahead of the competition. They take time to understand my priorities and offer feedback on how to best accomplish those goals.”

“We learned to really trust them. They know what they’re doing. It helped to let them learn about what we’re trying to accomplish. They’re the kind of people who will take that onboard and have it affect how they do their work.”

We would like to thank our clients for taking the time to speak with Clutch. We are looking forward to continuing our work with such great organizations‚ in addition to maintaining our position as a leading UK web developer.