hedgehog lab Featured on Clutch as a Leading UK Web Developer


23rd April 2016


2 min


Sam Jordan

We’re pleased to announce that hedgehog lab has been recognized as a leading UK web developer by Clutch. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that identifies leading IT and marketing service providers and software.

Clutch analysts evaluate companies based on multiple factors‚ such as market presences‚ services provided‚ portfolio items and‚ most importantly‚ comprehensive client interviews. Reading client feedback that Clutch collected has very humbling.

One of our clients‚ the marketing assistant of a data center‚ stated:

“hedgehog lab has helped us a lot with our website… We always get complimented on how well laid out it is‚ as well. We do have a very well-working website‚ and we’re ranked quite highly with on Google as well. It all comes down to the look of it‚ so they’ve really helped our business along in that sense.”

Soda Visual‚ a photography company that we have worked with said:

“For me‚ the fact that hedgehog lab was really honest stood out. We let them be as creative as they wanted to be‚ and they delivered a great product. They were very straightforward and transparent.”

A third client echoed that statement:

“hedgehog lab cares about the projects they work on. It’s like having an in-house development team in terms of how they manage it. They give you ideas and feedback throughout‚ and they’re partners in the whole process.”

Check out our Clutch profile to learn more about how we were evaluated and read full client interviews.