Introducing TIPS – The Technology Investment Preparation Service


31st October 2015


2 min


Sam Jordan

hedgehog lab are about to begin an exciting new chapter! We are launching a new company with the objective of bridging the gap between ideas and investment.

For many years now the hedgehog lab team have faced the question of ‘what’s next?’ after having listening to talented and excited entrepreneurs explain their idea for the next big thing. Many of these ideas we have taken through into projects and released exciting cutting edge products‚ but many of them never get there simply due to available budget. The TIPS service aims to change that‚ by ensuring that those ideas do not remain just that.

The Technology Investment Preparation Service‚ or TIPS for short‚ is a service where skilled web‚ mobile and e-business consultants work with entrepreneurs to refine their ideas‚ document the solution and produce a demonstrable prototype. Through consultation‚ wireframes‚ UI design and prototyping we are able to ensure that an idea is as good as it can be. With the production of pitch decks and presentations‚ alongside MVP definition and roadmapping‚ we also ensure they are investable. Upon conclusion of the process‚ we introduce the entrepreneurs to investors who will establish a time and date for a pitch and hopefully make the decision to invest in the business‚ providing the capital needed to make the ideas a reality. TIPS is the next step for people with a great idea for a digital product.

We are going to be making good ideas great‚ and ensuring that the world gets to see them.

We are working with some of the most successful technology investors in the country‚ and already have a number of great entrepreneurs on the programme – even before we have officially launched!

We are excited to be able to bridge the gap‚ helping investors see only the refined ideas‚ whilst giving entrepreneurs a chance to progress their idea with the confidence that it’s both polished and demonstratable‚ and that it will be reviewed by the people with the money and experience to make it happen.

Watch this space!