How to improve your new Fintech app with the innovative Flutter framework.


25th August 2022


5 min


Sarat Pediredla

For a long time‚ only tech-savvy users had access to fintech apps‚ but now they have become a vital part of all generations’ lives. The need for mobile-first‚ personalised financial apps motivates fintech firms to develop and continually provide cutting-edge goods and services. 

As a worldwide leader in mobile and online application development‚ hedgehog lab deploys the latest innovative trends to design fintech apps like Flutter‚ the breakthrough technology for app development offered by Google. Moving forward‚ we will explore the primary reasons why Flutter is a great option for fintech app development‚ delving further into our experience with Flutter for AJ Bell’s app‚ Dodl.

Flutter – Innovative New Technology for Mobile Apps.

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Flutter is one of the innovative technologies we deploy for mobile app development for a plethora of reasons. Launched in 2018 by Google‚ Flutter emerged as the cutting-edge open-source mobile UI framework that enables developers to construct native mobile‚ web‚ and desktop apps with a single codebase. This way‚ Flutter facilitates cross-platform application development that converges programming simplicity with native performance while retaining platform-wide visual uniformity. 

Hence‚ it is no surprise that Flutter’s portable UI toolkit underpinned by a modern react-style framework has acquired great attention in the app development sector. According to Statista‚ Flutter has overtaken React Native to become the most popular framework for developing mobile applications. Currently‚ Flutter has a large following of developers throughout the globe. So far‚ more than 2 million developers have utilised the Flutter app‚ with its daily usage exceeding 500‚000

Flutter’s engine‚ developed in C++‚ includes low-level rendering capability using Google’s Skia graphics package‚ a cutting-edge 2D-rendering engine. Additionally‚ the Foundation library‚ written in Dart‚ contains fundamental classes and methods used to develop Flutter apps.

So‚ here’s how Flutter can improve your fintech app development:

Multiplatform Capabilities.

Because it enables developers to construct and deploy complex applications with a single code base‚ Flutter is often regarded as the best framework for developing apps compatible with many platforms. 

Ultimately‚ this results in increased productivity‚ time savings‚ and accelerated deployment of the product or service into the market for enterprises. This is crucial especially for fintech mobile applications who want to stay relevant and ahead of the curve with their innovation.

Enhanced Flexibility.

Flutter gives developers the ability to design user interfaces that are both quick and responsive. It also provides a high degree of flexibility‚ enabling organisations to upgrade their applications without having to start over and design them from the ground up. 

In the long term‚ this may be an efficient way for firms to save both time and money. In addition‚ the hot reload functionality that Flutter provides allows developers to rapidly iterate on their code‚ which makes it much simpler to experiment with and try out new features. 

Wide Range of Widget Options.

Widgets represent the core components of Flutter. They function as building pieces inside the Flutter SDK and have the potential to encompass practically all elements of software development. Not only does Flutter provide a large selection of pre-made widgets‚ but it also enables users to modify existing widgets or develop whole new ones.

In a fast-paced industry such as the Fintech industry‚ this functionality allows easy and practical ways of updating an application.

High UI Customisation Prospects.

You can alter whatever you see on the screen with Flutter‚ no matter how complicated it may be‚ which is one of the most significant benefits of using this framework. Although it is often feasible to implement a highly customised user interface on native platforms as well‚ the amount of work needed varies greatly depending on the order magnitude of the customisation. Nonetheless‚ Flutter makes the procedure more flexible and varied while also not increasing the amount of effort involved. 

Among the features offered by Flutter are the following: shared element transitions‚ shape/colour/shadow manipulations‚ clipping‚ transformations

hedgehog lab’s experience with Flutter.

Producing an effective mobile app is essential‚ and this is what hedgehog lab did with Dodl by AJ Bell which was built on Flutter. The innovative new fintech app offers a breakthrough platform centred around the user. To understand precisely how we did this‚ uncover our latest successful case study for Dodl by AJ Bell

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One of hedgehog lab’s development team one of the key challenges was adjusting to the new language for hybrid technologies with limited resources. Hence‚ this represented an obstacle that was overcome to develop a mobile app that was cohesive and comprehensive.

For those enterprises who seek to build a fintech mobile app‚ collaborating with a team that has the design and technical expertise to built on Flutter can potentially be groundbreaking.

Build your Fintech App.

At hedgehog lab we are committed to utilising technology to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. As a digital product agency‚ we collaborate with our clients to discover the optimal solution for their business difficulties‚ which might be anything from a new mobile application to an update of their current digital platform.

Our team is well-versed in the most up-to-date mobile app development methods and procedures and would gladly leverage our knowledge to assist your future project‚ like we did with Dodl by AJ Bell.

Are you considering developing a financial service mobile app? Have you already developed your fintech app? No matter where you are in your app development process‚ don’t hesitate to get in touch for assistance!