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Wealth Management


Dodl by AJ Bell

What we delivered

Flutter-based mobile apps for iOS and Android | User Research | UI/UX design

The Lowdown

AJ Bell is one of the leading online investment platforms in the UK. They provide customers and advisers with wide investment choice, low-cost delivery, market-leading online functionality and first-class service to help them manage investment portfolios within SIPPs, ISAs and Dealing accounts. They are part of the FTSE 250 on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.


Field Studies
User interviews
Stakeholder interviews


Persona building
Task analysis
Journey mapping


Usability testing
User group outreach
Benchmark testing
Accessibility evaluation


Analytics Review
Usability bug revie
Feedback review

The Problem

AJ Bell wanted to introduce a new fintech mobile platform for easier investing so they were looking for an app development agency that could help them identify and develop what would make this particular mobile app stand out.

This was also the first time they had ever outsourced an entire digital product build to a third party and they required an agency with the design and engineering expertise to deliver an impactful, user-focused, Flutter-based mobile app.

When they decided to work with hedgehog lab, developing a mobile app on Flutter; a new hybrid technology language, was one of the challenges the development team had to overcome to develop a cohesive and complete mobile app.

The Solution

Prior to this project, AJ Bell already had other investment apps that were mainly targeted to people who had a more advanced understanding of investing. However, Dodl is intended for people who didn’t need to have any prior knowledge and guide them to understand how investing can work for them.

That meant that hedgehog lab’s UX research team, had to identify and better understand those users’ raw behaviours. The team carried out extensive user research which went beyond their recorded opinion as it observed people’s behavior and realised a hesitation. That led to the understanding that the target audience was feeling overwhelmed by too many choices and proceeded to focus on improving their experience.

That was extremely crucial for the team to realise how the target audience might react to the potential design updates that were happening and work more confident and faster during the app development.


  • Invest in shares in the UK
  • Transparency in the investment opportunities with easy-to-understand themed investment categories
  • Invest for pension plan
  • Optimised onboarding journey – Simplified user experience with fewer steps
  • Enhanced user guidance and information by assuming they were new to investing
  • Detailed analytics connected to AJ Bell’s MI systems for detailed understanding of product experience

The Product

The new mobile app was designed and built on Flutter by our in-house developers and after meticulous testing, it was launched early April 2022 for iOS and Android, with a waitlist of over 5000 people at the time.

This brand new investment app is making investing easier for people who would have never thought about it and ultimately add to the growth of the UK economy as a whole.

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