How hedgehog lab supports the team’s professional development.


2nd December 2021


4 min


Aimé Watson Bachini

As a leading global mobile and web app development company‚ we’re passionate about nurturing our team’s professional development.

We’re not ranked #1 in the world for mobile app development by accident. We’ve delivered numerous award-winning projects for some of the world’s most popular brands‚  thanks to the incredible talents of our amazing team. 

At hedgehog lab‚ we believe that learning never stops. That’s why we encourage our team to spend time nurturing their professional and personal growth for long-term success within the agency walls and beyond. So‚ how do we do this? 

We spent time and money on our employees’ learning and development.

In the busy chaos of our day-to-day working lives‚ it’s easy to put learning on the back burner. But that’s not the case at hedgehog lab. 

Our team is our greatest asset. To help support their professional development‚ we offer our team competitive benefits to build their knowledge and skills. Everyone is welcome to spend their allowance on a wide range of resources they believe will help with their growth‚ such as audiobooks‚ webinars‚ subscriptions‚ and training courses. 

Some of our Product team have taken the opportunity to participate in the Professional Scrum Product Owner Training Programme. This is a hands-on‚ activity-based course where attendees explore more on Professional Scrum while developing an understanding of how vital the Product Owner is for the team.

We asked a couple of our valued hedgehog lab employees how they’ve spent their learning and development budget this year: 

Andrew Webber (he/him)‚ iOS Developer

“I enrolled onto a swiftUI mastery course on the web‚ which taught me how to do a wide range of things in the context of building a real-life swiftUI application. I find this ‘dive in at the deep end’ and real-world learning approach very useful as most of the skills acquired were immediately and directly translatable to a live client project. It has allowed me to feel more confident and save on dev time when working with a totally new framework on a development project.”

Aime Watson-Bachini (she/her)‚ People & Culture Lead

“I chose to use my learning and development budget towards completing a CIPD course and have used some of my L&D days to work on my coursework. Having this qualification will enable me to continue to grow professionally and further my career in People and Culture. The fact that we offer this benefit to all staff to further their professional development shows that hedgehog lab really cares about us as individuals.”

We nurture talent.

We have a wealth of incredible talent at hedgehog lab. By nurturing our team’s unique skills and providing them with the tools they need to grow‚ we can continue to deliver exceptional products and a world-class service for some of the globe’s biggest brands. 

We do this by undertaking 360° reviews with our employees throughout the year. These reviews help us identify new objectives and KPIs for them to reach for‚ while helping them focus on the skills they wish to develop in the future. 

But our yearly reviews are about more than professional growth – they give us the opportunity to learn more about our employees and what drives them. That way‚ we can understand more about their dreams and aspirations and identify ways to support them in their personal goals. 

We listen to employee feedback.

Not only do we encourage everyone who works at the lab to take advantage of the professional resources available to them‚ but we regularly update our initiatives to reflect employee feedback. 

We achieve this through our staff engagement tool Leapsome‚ which allows us to check in with the team and see if they need anything to improve their working day. As a result‚ we’re constantly updating our policies to help our team grow‚ ensuring we do everything we can to support their L&D. 

Come and join us.

Fancy joining the hedgehog lab team? Come and be a part of the action by browsing our open vacancies to see if there’s a role for you. We can’t wait to have you on board!

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