Connecting & Empowering Lifting Communities.


2nd December 2021


4 min


Scott Batchelor

Leeds-based healthtech business Brawn Power and digital product consultancy hedgehog lab have collaborated‚ creating a powerlifting community application capable of servicing a global market.

The Brawn application‚ which spans web and mobile‚ allows lifters to share their achievements‚ document their journey‚ create meaningful connections in the lifting community and share their knowledge. The product is the first of its kind‚ and is expected to have dramatic ramifications for powerlifters around the world.

Between the 29th November and the 31st December this year‚ Brawn is set to host the world’s first virtual powerlifting competition‚ with competitors having already signed up from 15 counties‚ spanning 4 continents and 10 different time zones.

Brawn are continuing to host regular virtual events alongside prominent brand partners such as GymsharkKabuki and Eleiko‚ allowing lifters to compete under powerlifting rules and get judged on the world’s virtual stage.

Creating a Community for Lifters Around the World

Brawn have created a space for the previously disconnected powerlifting community to grow and thrive. 

Despite there being an estimated 35 million people who lift as part of their training regime‚ there is little sense of community in the space. Currently‚ small‚ localised groups track their progress using a number of unofficial platforms such as Whatsapp and Instagram. This makes collaboration and competition extremely difficult.

The Brawn Power app works to unite these detached communities. By providing a suite of centralised tools that allow users to interact‚ compete and measure their progress‚ lifters are able to receive support and guidance‚ regardless of their location‚ experience or ability. 

Using a proprietary method of measuring intensity (BIPs) Brawn also allows lifters of all ages and weight classes to compete on a level playing field‚ by actively balancing their attributes to make powerlifting more accessible than ever. 

Having already hosted the world’s first online powerlifting competition earlier this year‚ Brawn is set to become the world’s first international lifting community‚ and the single most important meeting point for lifters worldwide.

Instant Data Analytics & Key Training Insights

‘Reflect’ is an in-app function that allows users to analyse lift progress in terms of form‚ movement and repetition. By uploading video recordings as part of their training session log‚ they can now review and reflect on their previous lifts using a side-by-side video comparison.

Lifting development is about much more than the weight that you’re able to lift‚ maintaining good form and understanding how fatigue builds through a set is important to identifying avenues of improvement. 

Brawn’s founder CEO Sohail Rashid commented on how he was able to identify the opportunities the reflect feature could bring: 

‘I was actually talking to John Haack about how he tracks his lift progress over time. It came as a bit of a surprise that he was still using instagram posts and pen and paper to track his progress.

Reflect offers a new and improved way to log your lifts‚ by offering a visual comparison between where you are now‚ and where you were six months ago. It’s a highly motivating process‚ and is already helping users maintain their safety and form whilst pushing for their goals.’ 

Entrepreneurial Disruption

Brawn is a fantastic example of entrepreneurial disruption. After identifying the need for a product that can unify powerlifting communities‚ they worked with hedgehog lab to create a product that is fine-tuned to user needs and demands.

hedgehog lab CEO Brannan Coady spoke on the importance of finding solutions to the world’s problems:

‘Identifying key pain points in the community is crucial to creating innovation.

Sports like running have had community applications such as Strava for more than 10 years now‚ whilst powerlifters have been left relying on pen and paper and Google Sheets to measure their progress in isolation.

Working with Brawn‚ we’ve been able to solve that problem‚ creating a community where users can share‚ develop and progress together‚ regardless of their location‚ ability or experience. This has the potential to change the landscape of the strength community forever.’ 

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