iOS Application Trends for 2021


11th December 2020


3 min


Scott Batchelor

As 2020 and a year of uncertainty draw to a close one thing remains clear- the iOS ecosystem is bigger than ever. With new products and features on the horizon‚ we break down the top iOS Application Trends for 2021.

Wearable iOS Apps

As we enter 2021 more users than ever are expected to adopt wearable technology for daily use. In fact‚ at the beginning of 2020 Apple surpassed the amount of yearly sales made by the entire Swiss Watch Industry with their Apple Watch– a lead expected to further increase in 2021.

Now‚ with new features such as the ability to read blood oxygen levels and track sleep patterns‚ the Apple Watch is becoming the go-to device for health and wellbeing companies looking to improve their digital portfolio.

Latest Sirikit

Siri is the most popular voice activated assistant currently on the market‚ with 35% of the total market share. The latest update has proven to be one of the most robust yet‚ completely eliminating the need to type search queries and allowing for even faster delivery on audio requests. 

Siri also now has deeper API integration‚ allowing for applications on Mobile‚ Apple TV‚ Home Pod and WatchOS 7 to use Siri as a tool for automation- expanding the usability of iOS mobile applications. 

Improved App Security

Security is arguably one of the most important trends for iOS. For many users the layers of security that Apple implement in their technology is a key purchasing point‚ and expectations are generally high for new features in each update. 

Apple remains committed to improving security‚ fixing vulnerabilities and adding data protection methods in each update‚ adding an exponentially increasing level of robustness to all iOS applications.

Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

As 5G becomes the standard for connectivity‚ cloud-based iOS applications are going to become more popular. Cloud iOS applications offer increased security in the storage of important files‚ user settings and device backups.

Cloud mobile app developers standardised development that allows for the offloading of intensive processes to the cloud‚ allowing you to augment your iOS mobile application with innovative technologies such as AR and VR.

Swift5.4 & Beyond

At the core of each iOS application is a version of the Swift programming language‚ be this native or compiled by a cross development platform‚ such as Flutter

In December 2020‚ Apple released Swift5.4‚ bringing with it the latest performance and stability fixes available on the iOS platform. With additional updates planned for the coming year‚ and a likelihood that we will soon have Swift6‚ products developed for iOS will continue to benefit from dedicated updates that are tailored for Apple’s flagship hardware.

iOS Machine Learning

iOS solutions that implement machine learning are able to improve customer loyalty and user experience based on their actions in and outside an application‚ automating process‚ retargeting where necessary and increasing overall attentiveness.

Whether you implement supervised‚ unsupervised or reinforced machine learning‚ adding automation to your iOS application can help your product gain traction with industry specific features. For example‚ AI-powered financial assistants‚ integrated fitness apps with machine learning or transportation products capable of receiving real time traffic updates.

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