Why we use the Laravel Framework


16th December 2020


3 min


Scott Batchelor

Laravel consistently scores better than other frameworks because of its advanced features that allow for faster development speeds and decreased time to market. Here are 5 reasons why we use (and love) the Laravel Framework.

MVC Architecture for Better Code Organisation

Laravel uses an architectural pattern called the model-view-controller (MVC). With it‚ developers are able to easily organise the files for their projects regardless of their size‚ allowing for easy maintenance and further expansion.

When working on large-scale projects MVC simplifies code structure‚ allowing for a greater separation of concerns between an applications data‚ service and presentation layers. 

Template Engine for Rapid UI Development

Laravel comes pre-installed with Blade‚ a powerful templating tool that makes the development process easier by providing a collection of convenient helper directives.

The Blade engine allows for different options of injecting server side data into html templates before it’s rendered by the application. It helps developers create UX-driven layouts more easily and gives a solid foundation for bespoke digital products.  

Powerful CLI for Improved Development Speed

Laravel’s Command-Line-Interface (Artisan) allows developers to generate boilerplate code more easily which significantly reduces time spent on repetitive tasks. This allows the making of migrations‚ models‚ controllers and a long list of other commonly performed tasks‚ a lot quicker.

Laravel’s CLI makes it one of the easiest frameworks to create and edit code in‚ reducing time to market and ultimately saving money. It is also has excellent documentation (as does the rest of the framework) and is fully extendable should new artisan commands be required.

Better database interaction with Laravel ORM

In development‚ models are used to represent the data entities within an application. The Eloquent object relational mapper ORM allows for easy interaction between your application’s database and the rest of the application‚ providing an intuitive interface to add relationships‚ filters (scopes) and mutators to the raw data.

Laravel’s ORM is one of the best tools on the market for web developers‚ as it saves them time writing complex SQL code. As is a running theme with Laravel‚ this allows for faster development‚ which can prove crucial in outpacing the competition to market. 

Built-in Testing

Laravel has a set of features designed to perform unit‚ integration and UI tests on your application through PHPUnit. This allows you to ensure that the code you create is robust enough to go live without the fear of critical bugs or errors down the line.

It also acts as a buffer for new updates‚ ensuring that new additions to the code will not reduce performance. This attributes to lower costs when choosing Laravel development‚ as it allows developers to build scalable applications from the ground up and spend less billable time identifying issues in future updates.

Looking to build a project using Laravel? Take a look at our laravel services page‚ including Laravel API Development and Laravel CMS Development or contact our team today.