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Maritime Financial

What we delivered

Web App | Progress saving | Live chat functionality | Sales CRM integration

The Lowdown

Maritime Financial is a regional provider of insurance coverage that was looking to provide a convenient, entirely digital way for their customers to apply and receive approval for their products. Our team designed and developed a management portal that is utilized by both customers and Maritime Financial employees. We also developed a web admin system that allows employees to manage customer applications and liaise with clients during the application process, which smoothly interfaces with the front-end user platform.

The Problem

Maritime Financial was stuck in a slow, paper-heavy application process. Company policy required customers to schedule an appointment at a Maritime Financial office, then visit with a representative to guide them through the paper application. Once the applicants and the sales representatives completed the forms, the reps sent the applications to a typist to enter into Maritime Financial’s system for review by the underwriting team. 

This was a cumbersome ordeal. Applications can be dozens of pages long, and many require supplemental documentation like licenses, birth certificates, and copies of degrees. If Maritime Financial committed to a digital application process, it could give its sales team time to create additional leads and focus on existing customers instead of helping prospects complete paperwork.

The Solution

To simplify the application process, hedgehog lab built a new online insurance website where visitors can browse through Maritime Financial products and submit their applications electronically. Because a sales process involves both a sales team and prospects, creating the ideal site meant keeping both demographics top of mind. Maritime Financial representatives rely on the site to monitor customer updates and customers use the site to search for products and submit applications.

The Product

Synchronizing the needs and actions of multiple users was key to the success of the Maritime Financial project. On the backend, to generate revenue more effectively, representatives needed the flexibility to customize application forms so that salespeople could show their dedication to unique client needs. For customers, we built a mobile-friendly design so that all users, regardless of device, could enjoy a simplified application process. We enhanced that ease of use with live chat support as well as the option to save your progress and come back to the application later.

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