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Sourced, powered by Deliveroo

What we delivered

User research | UI/UX Design | Logo Design | iOS developent | Android development | Web development

The Lowdown


Tech unicorn Deliveroo is in a fierce battle globally for market share in the hotly contested online food delivery market. To gain competitive edge, they planned to launch a new supplier platform, Sourced powered by Deliveroo, that would allow restaurants to quickly and easily source and order supplies for their inventories through a single app. Most importantly, the tech-enabled solution would give smaller restaurants far greater bargaining power than if they pursued individual supplier arrangements on their own, generating significant savings for restaurants on the Deliveroo platform. 


Field Studies
User interviews
Stakeholder interviews


Persona building
Task analysis
Journey mapping


Usability testing
User group outreach
Benchmark testing
Accessibility evaluation


Analytics Review
Usability bug revie
Feedback review

The Problem

This was the first time that Deliveroo had ever outsourced a significant body of product development work to an external supplier, so their team needed a partner who they knew could deliver to the standards and timescales expected rapidly.

With some of the best development talent in the business, they also needed a team who could produce a platform that met their extremely high standards and would maintain a consistent customer experience with their industry-leading consumer-facing apps.

Due to the fast-moving nature of their market, the project launch date was non-negotiable meaning it was a necessity that both the Android and iOS apps as well as the supplier-side web app launched on time.

The Solution

One of Deliveroo’s core requirements for the project was the need to validate the concept of a digital sourcing platform for restaurants through first-hand research with real restaurants and suppliers.

Thanks to our in-house user research team based out of our UK office, we were able to carry out extensive field research and interviews throughout the project.


  • Multi-user ordering allowing teams to collaborate on orders
  • Integrated messaging system to allow direct communication between suppliers and restaurants
  • Easy-to-use end-to-end ordering process on app and web
  • The ability for restaurants to search for suppliers near them

The Product

Sourced powered by Deliveroo launched simultaneously on Android and iOS in October 2019 alongside the supplier-side web app.

Available to all UK restaurants, the app boasts the same easy-to-use and elegant user experience as Deliveroo’s flagship food ordering app, ensuring brand consistency between the two platforms.

On the platform, restaurants are able to search for suppliers near them and compile supplier orders in the same intuitive way that diners order meals from their restaurants. Usability was key with orders compiled by scrolling through ingredient lists and selecting quantities in just a few simple taps. Sourced also supports multi-user collaboration, allowing teams to create and finalise orders before sending them off to suppliers. 

An integrated messaging system also allows restaurants to communicate directly with suppliers and track their order status, incorporating the entire order process within the app to simplify their data trail and record-keeping.

On the supplier side, users will be able to add item inventories, company information, item information and track orders all through the app and web app, opening up a previously untapped digital channel for them to attract partner restaurants. 

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