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Making ordering cheese a Brie-ze.

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What we delivered

Custom eCommerce solution | iOS app | Android app

The Lowdown

cheesegeek had two apps that didn’t work properly, were not up to date and provided a poor user experience. They wanted to replace their current apps with new ones with a completely fresh look that would follow their new brand guidelines. Furthermore, they wanted to focus on increasing buyer retention by creating a more interactive and user-friendly experience. Finally, they had the vision to make their app more than just a mobile shop for selling cheese but a whole new cheesy experience.

The Problem

cheesegeek has a website built on Shopify, which meant a challenge for our team as the plugins used for the web were not accessible to mobile apps. Therefore, our team had to work closely with Shopify and find innovative ways to integrate with and use the platform to match the web functionality on mobile. cheesegeek has a unique use case in delivering fresh food; deliveries must succeed. The user journey around delivery date selection needs to conform to their existing rules. Furthermore, the app required deep integration with Salesforce, as our clients’ entire logistics operation was built on Salesforce.

The Solution

Following an intensive Discovery period carried out by our User Research team, our in-house developers got to work on a custom eCommerce solution powered by Salesforce and Shopify, plus native iOS and Android apps that would make ordering cheese a Brie-ze.

This extra mature eCommerce solution would allow the cheesegeek team to make backend updates seamlessly, while providing users with real-time information regarding their subscription orders – including skipping a delivery, changing delivery dates, swapping cheeses, purchasing add-ons and much more. 

In addition to the shop, customers can also earn ‘Cryptocurds’ and save notes in their ‘Cheese Vault’. These features added value to the user experience, allowing them to track and engage with their tried cheeses in a new way.

The Product

Following our Discovery research and months of design and development, our team delivered a fresh new app design on iOS and Android that included:

  • A dynamic dashboard
  • Improved browsability and shopping experience, with a dynamic shop landing page
  • Improved product listings and information
  • All new loyalty scheme and Cheese Vault experience
  • Real-time information and control over subscription orders
  • Blogs, polls and other content shared by cheesegeek

The initial expectations have been more than achieved, with the new app design and improved customer journey going down a storm with cheesegeek customers, while setting the groundwork for the future for the brand to become so much more than just a cheese-ordering app. It’s now a well-rounded cheese revolution. 

cheesegeek was featured on BBC One’s Dragon’s Den and received investment from Steven Bartlett. It was also nominated for a Creative Pool award in 2022. 

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