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Sinclair Pharmaceuticals iPad app

What we delivered

User research | UI/UX design | iOS development

The Lowdown

Sinclair Pharmaceuticals are global market leaders in aesthetics who support physicians with training, practice development and business optimisation.

As part of their vision to deliver world-leading clinical treatment outcomes, they wanted to create a digital platform that alleviated the pain of manual record-keeping and supported a smoother customer journey.

The Problem

Customer journeys in the aesthetic industry can involve multiple touchpoints with recordkeeping and patient information having to meet strict regulatory standards.

Sinclair’s vision for a wholly digital journey aimed to tie together all these disparate parts of the customer journey with a centralised method to capture and record patient information.

This included everything from physician notes and patient sign-off to photo uploads to confirm where work was to be carried out.

The Solution

Working together with Sinclair we fleshed out an iPad application that would support their physicians and improve patient journeys.

With in-app photo uploads that can be marked up by physicians and centralised record-keeping through a streamlined back-end, the app would help clinics meet their regulatory requirements and help to guide patients through the process.

The Product

Launched in 2020, the iOS app was built for a global market with support for multiple languages.

Rolled out across all of Sinclair’s partner clinics, the app has helped clinical staff save hundreds of hours of effort by moving away from paper documentation and helped patients understand their clinical journey.

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