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Web app & digital transformation

The Lowdown

As one of the largest insurers in the UK, Hiscox sees the need for ongoing digital transformation. 

Hiscox knows the wants and needs of their customers evolve. So, to make sure they stay competitive and remain a FTSE 100 provider, they know digital transformation needs to be ongoing. This is why we’ve been a go-to partner for them for years, supporting their continuous tech innovation.

We’ve worked with Hiscox on a range of projects to make sure their business transforms in tandem with their customers’ needs.

The Problem

The team at Hiscox are keen to explore the benefits of alternative solutions that incorporate concepts like Single-Page Applications (SPAs), server-side business logic, and API-driven development. 

We’ve worked with Hiscox on a range of projects to make sure their business transforms in tandem with their customers’ needs. Typically, Hiscox will recognise that a process isn’t serving their customers as well as it could.

The Solution

We are a longstanding and trusted partner for Hiscox, working on projects ranging from broker management portals to advanced Partner APIs. 

We joined the project early, guiding and shaping it through analysis and investigation. Our bespoke integrations introduce new functionalities, adding value. We also provide solid foundations for integrations and platforms they might need to add in the future.

Once we identify the issues, we build a fully functional proof-of-concept. This way, Hiscox can see the benefits and how we can apply technologies to future-proof the platform upfront.

The Product

  • Ultra-responsive apps
    • The apps we developed for Hiscox are high-performance and super-responsive thanks to our use of React and Redux. 
  • Secure data access
    • Knowing that you always have secure data access is a must. For Hiscox, we used Hello.js, a client-side JavaScript SDK for authentication. We combined this with OAuth2 – the industry standard for authorisation. 
  • FreeAgent & Natwest integration
    • Hiscox software now integrates with leading accounting software, FreeAgent. It also integrates with Natwest. 
  • Unified back end
    • We made sure the back end worked together to provide underlying logic and data controls. We did this with Azure services.

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